We are excited to love on your children while teaching them that God loves them and has a plan and purpose for their lives.


On Sunday, June 2nd, we are switching to KidCheck for our kids' ministry check-in system on Sunday mornings!

In order to make as seamless a transition as possible, we are asking parents to register their children with KidCheck NOW, before coming that morning.  

If you have used KidCheck in the past - whether at GracePoint Church or elsewhere - your account is most likely in the system already.  Just confirm it's still there by clicking the button below and logging in!

If you have never used KidCheck, signing up is easy!  Click the button below and look for "Create Your KidCheck Account!"  For more help, check out this video or this PDF.

After you have created/confirmed your account, just use your phone number to check in at one of the three check-in stations at the front of the breezeway on June 2nd!



You can also use the KidCheck app to create a new account and/or to check in!  Just scan or tap the QR code below or search for it in Apple's AppStore or Google Play store.

When you get to the church Sunday morning (starting June 2), use the app to check in right in the parking lot, pick up your children's labels at the check-in station, and head straight for their room!

We have an awesome team ready for kids of every age! 

We will take care of your precious little one for the morning so you can focus on the service! Be sure to bring a diaper bag, as well as any toys that might make your baby most comfortable.


Our preschool team focuses on keeping your child engaged and active, while also teaching them about Jesus. 

We have classes for every grade - K through 5th.  Kids can come ready to learn about Jesus with others their age.

I'm new! What do I need to know?


Come early Sunday morning, so you can register your child(ren) and sign in at the front of the breezeway, near the water fountain.  There are three stations there, at which you may register your children and check in to their classes.  Name labels will be printed for each child when they are checked in.

Beginning Sunday, June 2nd, we will use KidCheck for our check-in system for Sunday Morning Children's groups!

Save time by registering your children early for KidCheck!  If you have used KidCheck in the past, your account is most likely still in there.  If you have never used Kid Check, you can sign up online at go.kidcheck.com or download the app (scan or tap the QR code below) and sign up/in there. 

Use this QR code to get the KidCheck app:

Come early

Don't be stressed about making it to service on time! Be sure to come early to give yourself plenty of time to meet the team, drop your kids off, and grab a cup of coffee before heading into the sanctuary. 

Special Requirements?

Does your child require special attention? Including but not limited to:

  • Food allergies
  • Learning disabilities 
  • Circumstances at home
Reach out! We'd love to connect to see how we can serve your children best.