Greatest Movement of God

Series: Revelation

Speaker: James Shiroma

June 12, 2022
Revelation 7:1-8

James Shiroma

Lead Pastor

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Follow Along with the Message


    1. Icebreaker question: Describe a moment in your life in which your patience “paid off.”  In other words, describe a moment, situation, or event when something was worth your waiting for it.
    2. Read Revelation 7:1-17.
    3. In this “interlude” between the sixth and seventh seals, the apostle John mentions the 144,000 servants of God (v. 3f.), who will declare the gospel and the glory of God during the tribulation.  What kind of character traits would be required for serving God in trying times?  Have you prayed that God would grow that kind of character in you?  Why or why not?
    4. Read what the “vast multitude” (v. 9) declared in v. 10.  What does their declaration tell us about the Father and Jesus? (sovereign, majestic, sole source of salvation, worthy of worship because of His saving us, etc.).  What does it tell us about ourselves? 
    5. Read 2 Peter 3:9.  What does this passage say about God’s heart for people and how He works?  How is that sometimes different than our hearts?  How can we match our hearts with God’s heart for people more closely?
    6. Looking back in Revelation 7, what parts of this passage highlights the urgency of the gospel for you (the good news of God’s salvation through Christ)? 
    7. Close your small group in prayer. 



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