The Seventh Seal

Series: Revelation

Speaker: James Shiroma

June 19, 2022
Revelation 8:1-13

James Shiroma

Lead Pastor

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Follow Along with the Message


  1. Icebreaker question: What types/genres of stories - from books, movies, TV, etc. - do you enjoy most (e.g. sci-fi, action, drama, comedy, suspense, etc.)?  Why?  What is it about those stories do you enjoy?
  2. Read Revelation 8.
  3. In Sunday’s message, Pastor James alluded to the Old Testament high priest’s duty of offering up prayers on behalf of the people.  What does it mean to you, that we Christ-followers can pray directly to God because of Jesus’ work as our high priest?
  4. With the pervasive death of living things and people mentioned in this passage, comes the stench and sight of death.  How can Christ-followers be a beacon of light and life for the world today? (Answers may include sharing the gospel of Christ, community service, wise stewardship of God’s creation, taking on vocations of healing and restoration and rescue, etc.).
  5. What are some tangible ways in which your small group can specifically bring life to the world?  It doesn’t have to be earth-shattering or spectacular, but what are some ideas that perhaps your small group can do to bring life in some form - great or small - to the world?
  6. Despite the seemingly despairing tone of many passages in Revelation - including this one - there still remains the theme of hope in Christ that it all points to.  How can we communicate hope in Christ to a world that seems to desperately need it?
  7. Sometimes our prayers focus too often on our personal wants or needs.  However, how does hope and trust in God impact or change the way we pray, especially with the end in view?  How do they change our attitude?  Our speech?
  8. Close in prayer.

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